Goodbye New York / Hello Los Angeles

Friends, Co-horts & Internet Peeps of all Walks,

I'm about to go on a roller coaster ride of a life change, and I wanted to share it with you. On November 1st, I will be packing up my car & relocating to Los Angeles. After more than 5 years in NYC → Brooklyn Williamsburg and my entire life in the Northeast part of the United States, I feel like it's time for a change of pace on a number of levels, and LA could be just what the doctor ordered. Along with the move, I will be leaving my job at AKA NYC and diving into a full time creative practice, focused on lettering, branding, and art direction. In between, I will be packing up the car & road tripping across this great (but also kinda weird) country of ours.

I tend to be mystified by designers who write/blog. It's kind of like that Mitch Hedberg joke (RIP) about acting when you're a comedian. But in the last few weeks, in conversations with people about the move, I've felt more support for the idea than I am sometimes able to muster myself. (This shit is scary!) So I feel I owe it to those who have been so kind, sweet & supportive, and anyone else who may be interested, to share whatever awesome, beautiful, weird, crazy, disturbing things may occur between now and...some span of time in the future from now...through this blog.

To begin with, some of you may be wondering why? Why the other side of the country? Why LA? Why start your own business? Why now? Well, the short version is that it's just time. The longer version is that: 2 years ago, I visited LA for the first time. One of my nearest & dearest from college had recently moved there, I had been going through some tough life stuff, and he had been bugging me to come out, so I decided - why not? Within 20 minutes of arrival, I immediately felt at home. I felt peaceful and comfortable, but also something vibrant was buzzing in the air. I imagine it's easy to feel this way when you escape the NYC where you've been battling stress from a failed relationship and an advertising job, but there was something beyond the sunshine & palm tree-lined streets that felt right to me. That feeling lasted the entire trip, which lasted through the entire next trip the following year, which has persisted over much so that once my landlord informed my that he sold my building, the idea of relocating immediately popped into my head.

This could all be a horrible mistake. I could get to LA & realize it's not for me. Maybe I'll be back in New York in a year, maybe I'll be somewhere else. But the fact of the matter is that I'm doing something terrifying that is making me feel alive. I'm forcing myself into a very new situation in order to force growth & change upon myself instead of getting too comfortable in the go-go-go of this wonderful, ridiculous, soul-crushing city. And I hope you're with me, because I need you now more than ever. I will be sharing my road trip and process of getting set up out West, and I would love to hear from anyone who has gone through similar transitions and has any advice or suggestions. I am an open book, and it feels about as exciting & terrifying as waiting in line for a roller here we go.