Jack & Jill(ian): Resources

Last week, my friend Jack & I gave a talk at California State University Long Beach to the upperclassmen of the design program. It's Jack's alma mater, and when he found out I was slated to be on the West Coast by the time he would be back to give the talk, he asked me to join him on attempting to impart some wisdom on a few impressionable young minds. I was hesitant at first because I had never given a talk before, and at 28 years of age, what the hell do I know? But then I thought, "What the hell do any of us ever know really?" and agreed.

Jack and I met a few years ago when Jon Contino spoke for AIGA NY. Our mutual type-minded friend, Aaron Carambula, was hosting the event & while we were all saying our 'hello's & 'good job's post-talk, Aaron asked if Jack & I had ever met. We hadn't. And so we did. Thanks Aaron! Jack and I had very different paths to get to where we are, we're in very different places now, and if you put our bodies of work next to each other they could look quite on opposite ends of the spectrum, so when we started preparing for the talk, we had no idea how it was going to go. To our pleasant surprise, when we started brainstorming and comparing notes, we had many of the same things to say. Our thoughts on imperfection, putting yourself out there relentlessly until something gives, and learning how to grow and move through the industry based on surrounding yourself with those you respect & admire (and who you can throw back a few beers with) came together pretty seamlessly. And no rotten fruit was thrown. So I'll chalk it up to a success.

Here are a list of resources we recommend for community involvement, both local & international, continued learning, creative growth, and business tools. In no particular order (except probably for the first one, because TDC has been such an integral part of both of our careers):

Type Directors Club / Type@Cooper
Art Directors Club
The International Printing Museum
Armory Center for the Arts

Conferences / Community Events
• Weapons of Mass Creation Fest
• Designer Vaca
• Artcrank

Continued Learning / Resources
Go Media
Secret Handshake

• Pricing & Ethical Guidelines by Graphic Designer's Guild
Design is a Job by Mike Monteiro (and all of the "A Book Apart" books)

• Shake
• Scanner Pro

Creative Business Minds to Follow
Jessica Hische
Margot Harrington
Mike Monteiro
Jason Schwartz