How is LA treating you?

Today I celebrate the one month mark since I've arrived in Los Angeles with the intention of calling it "home." The question I get almost 100% of the time is, "How is LA treating you?" So I thought I'd give a quick run-down of the answer to that question for any interested parties:


 I both feel like I've been here much longer than one month and also that I am completely unsettled & new. I wouldn't have guessed how long I would feel like I was in vacation mode. This is made possible mostly by the fact that I am now self-employed, so my time is 100% my own, and it's easy to spend a full day driving around running errands & learning the city or apartment hunting and getting no work done. Having lived in 3 different places in the last month also plays a big part in this. Although the hospitality of my hosts is unparalleled, it's very difficult to find focus when you are a guest.

→ The transition here is much harder than I expected. There's something that happens when you move to a place you've had a habit of visiting & loving. I imagine it's similar to the honeymoon stage of a marriage being over, where you take off the blinders and get to see something for everything it is, for better or worse. This isn't to say I regret my move or dislike LA by any stretch, just that I'm really LEARNING about this city, the ins & outs, the highs and lows, of which there are many on either side. Car culture, learning my way around this city which has zero method, only madness, apartment hunting with incredibly limited knowledge of neighborhoods, the fact that it's near impossible to get food delivered, all very new and strange. But there are lots of great things, like the fact that when you make plans with someone, you tend to spend longer amounts of time with them because they probably drove out of their way to meet up. In NYC, I saw my very closest friends once a month, if that. Here I see them once a week. All very new & interesting.


→ The first week I arrived here, I was contacted by a great agency called Something Massive. Their Creative Director is also a New York transplant, and I've been working with them on projects here and there. Some really fun work in a great office in West Hollywood with a roof where people actually sit and eat lunch...away from their computers...and talk about things...and everyone is really nice.

→ I have a few other smaller projects I've been working on since I've been here, but mainly I just wanted to share some of the stuff I've been workshopping away from the computer. It's been a slow burn to slide out of vacation mode and into a place where I can focus, but I feel like I'm starting to explore some visual styles & less traditional media than before, and it feels really good. Once I find a permanent residence & get set up, things should really pick up.

I've been really disconnected from the conversations of social media and everyone's lives so please get in touch & tell me how you are & what you are up to. I'd love to hear from you. xx