Thank you for taking the time to reach out about your project.
If you've found yourself here, you have a need that requires a creative solution. Whether that's branding, campaign art, or custom lettering, you've come to the right place. A relationship with a designer can be a beautiful thing given that it is based on the same principles and values that any other worthwhile relationship is based on:


These are the qualities we offer and hope to receive from a friend, a family member, or a lover. But we also crave them in the barista of our local coffee shop, in our family doctor, and in your hair stylist or barber. Think about your hair dresser: Chances are you've been going to him or her for a long time, and, if you haven't, you'd like to find someone that you could. We like to know we can go to someone we trust. Someone who cares about our needs. Someone who has gotten to know us, our likes and dislikes. And someone who makes us feel comfortable enough to be ourselves and to let go, relinquish control, and be supported on the subject at hand for a bit. This is exactly how a relationship with a Designer should feel. To disrupt in an honest way, with best effort is my promise along with the four key values listed above. If that sounds good to you, then read on.

Who am I?

Who are you?

You are a business owner or individual in need of branding, visual design or lettering/illustration. You have high-quality taste, have taken a look at my work and recognized a piece of yourself in it somewhere. In a world where perfectly minimal, curated Pinterest boards and Instagram feeds run rampant, you're tired of the same mediocre content regurgitated day in and day out. You desire smart design that accomplishes your goals, redefines the expected, and builds a solid, cohesive foundation for your business. Bonus points for loving what you do.

As an Art Director, Graphic Designer and Letterer/Illustrator with 7 years in various parts of the design industry, first in the New York City agency world, and now working independently in Los Angeles, I have accrued an extensive knowledge of how to solve a wide array of design problems. Whether the project at hand is a logo, brand package, poster, packaging, or lettering piece, the one thing you can count on is that my solution will not only be beautiful and intuitive, but stand out in the marketplace amongst the competition.

This is all great. How do we get going?

You've read until here, and have decided you're into it. You're pickin' up what I'm puttin' down. Great. The next order of business is to fill out the form below. The information provided may be sufficient, as is, or I may request to schedule a phone call. This is likely. I love phone calls when there is a juicy topic to dig into, such as learning about you and your business. Once I have all of the info I need, I will send you my recommendation for the project. Think about it like a visit to the doctor: we are evaluating the strategic design health of your business. When you visit the doctor, it might be due to a specific ailment or you might just need a check up. Just as all of the body's systems are interconnected, so is every piece of your brand's visual identity from Twitter icon to video titles. Even though your needs might be singular in the immediate, my recommendation will address the big picture no less. To get going, fill out the form by clicking the button below & I will be in touch shortly! 

The Fine Print

Payment & Process
Assuming we decide we're a great match, I will send a quote along with a proposal of how I believe the project should be structured. Milestones, deliverables, and timelines will be outlined, along with an agreed upon number of revisions, that encompass what you will get for the quoted rate. Any additional work outside of the outlined scope will either be re-negotiated at another flat rate or will be billed hourly. I require half of the quoted rate up front to begin working, and then your project will be scheduled. Once the project has begun, you will be invoiced bi-weekly in installments that are calculated by dividing the agreed upon rate by the number weeks scheduled (to get the weekly rate), multiplied by two. (Example: A branding project is quoted at $5,000 and will take 8 weeks. The weekly rate is $625, and the project will be invoiced bi-weekly for $1,250 plus any additional costs or fees incurred in that time period. The invoice is due net 30 days. Final deliverables will be transferred once the project is paid in full, unless otherwise negotiated. Note: This project & payment structure is mainly for design projects. Custom lettering is a different beast. Please inquire if that applies to your project.

Just so we're clear...
I do not design websites or do motion graphics; however, I partner with some unbelievable people who do. When you hire me, you gain access to my network of the highest quality level of interactive designers, illustrators, motion designers, and photographers. An Art Director establishes the over-arching creative concept of the project and then recommends and/or hires the additional skill sets necessary to accomplish project. Hiring any work that contributes to the design of a project, previous to the Designer or outside of the Designer relationship, is at your own risk and can compromise the quality of the art. You don't bring your own coffee to the coffee shop for the barista to brew, do you?